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The Inqwire Personal Clarifier Coaching Guide

How To Increase Your Chance of Insights

Go faster and view more questions.

Sometimes, finding an insight is a matter of looking in all the possible places.

Each question that The Inqwire Personal Clarifier asks you is designed to help you look somewhere new.

It's as if you've lost your keys in the dark, and The Inqwire Personal Clarifier, armed with a flashlight, is helping you look for them by asking, “are your keys over there?” No. “Are your keys over here?” No. “Hm, what about over there?”

If you have a lot of places you need to look, it's better to move a little faster and leave no stone unturned.

Explore a variety of related topics.

If you've thought a lot about a topic already and you haven't had any insights, chances are, you're not going to have an insight by thinking more about that topic in the same way you've been thinking about it.

Instead, try to adjust the conversation towards topics that are related to the thing you're trying to get clarity around, even if these topics seem tangential and unlikely to reveal anything new.

You might be surprised.

Follow your curiosity.

When you're trying to make sense of something, it's as if you're conducting an investigation. As you view questions, you're searching for clues that might lead you to a missing piece of the puzzle.

But sometimes there are many options for paths you could explore. How do you choose?

Any great investigator relies on their sense of curiosity to help them decide what investigative paths to take. A sense of curiosity serves as a helpful guide when looking for insights.

If you're struggling to uncover insights and you feel lost for where else to look, try tapping in to your sense of curiosity. The more you do this, the more confident you will become when navigating through a conversation.

Sleep on it and start over tomorrow.

If you feel yourself getting fatigued while in a conversation, maybe you've been at it for a while, then save the conversation file, put The Inqwire Personal Clarifier away, and come back to it tomorrow.

Then when you come back, try starting over from scratch with a new conversation.

Sometimes you need to give your brain some time away from the problem. You might find that when you start again from scratch, it's easier to articulate things, which can lead to a more insightful or productive conversation.

Shelf it and talk about something else.

If you've really tried everything, and you aren't making any headway at all on a particular topic, it could be that this topic needs more time before it's ripe for insight.

In the meantime, try and switch to a completely unrelated topic. Try something from your past that you think you know and understand really well. Often to our surprise, there are insights just waiting to be revealed when we revisit these topics with fresh eyes and ask ourselves different kinds of questions about them.

When we uncover insights like these, they are often powerful and far reaching, and they can help us get clearer on what's going on in the present across many aspects of our lives.

Tips For New Users

Don't feel discouraged if you don’t have insights during your first conversation.

There are a lot of factors that lead to a great conversation, and not all of them are in your control. That's ok, just keep at it.

You've also got to give yourself some time to learn your way around The Inqwire Personal Clarifier. Just as with many things in life, as you use do it more, the more comfortable and skilled you'll get.

Only answer questions that have answers.

This is harder to do than it sounds. When someone asks us a question, we can feel compelled to answer it, even if it doesn't make sense or doesn't have a real answer. But The Inqwire Personal Clarifier isn't a person, and it won't feel bad if you say “NEXT!” as many times as you want until you hit a good question.

If you feel yourself lingering on a question that doesn't seem to make sense, or it feels like too much work, that's a cue to just skip it.

Change a topic's category if the questions don't seem right.

There are many things in life that can be thought of in different ways. Let's say you want to talk about stress.

Well, how do you think about stress? Does you want to talk about your relationship to stress? Do you think of it as a state of mind? Is stress really a challenge or an adversity? Or is it an identity, where you think of yourself as a stressed person?

For topics like this where you can think of it in different ways, pick the category where it makes the most sense to you. If the questions you get about it don't feel right, or sound kind of weird or off, try changing the topic to a different category that works.

Things to Remember Before Your First Conversation

You don't have to talk about anything you're not comfortable with.

There's no reason to talk about things that might be uncomfortable, upsetting, or painful unless you want to talk about it.

The Inqwire Personal Clarifier will never make you answer any question. If a question ever makes you feel like you don't want to go there, skip it.

You decide when you're done with a conversation.

There's no count down timer to tell you when time's up.

You can be done when there are no more questions, you can be done when you have an insight, you can be done when you're tired, you can be done when you find a really good question you want to take with you. Bottom line, it's up to you.

A little bit of time each day goes a long way towards clarity.

If all you do is check in with yourself for a few minutes or answer a couple of questions, even if you don't have insights or feel like you make progress, it's still a win.

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